Beach Hopping In Aruba

Aruban beaches are each exquisite paradises, most dusted with fine white sand that won’t burn your feet, and with their own perks and personalities. It’s fun to go beach-hopping and check them out during a week-long stay at this One Happy Island.


Punta Brabo – Also known as Manchebo Beach, this is the beach that’s directly outside of Aruba Beach Club, and it’s one of the finest on the island. The sand stretches more than 350 feet from the hotel to the sea, and it has a secluded atmosphere that makes it an extremely tranquil place where you can relax and get lost in the sound of the waves. No water sports are allowed in this area, adding to the calming effect.


Eagle Beach - If you head north from Punta Brabo, the next stop along the shore is Eagle Beach. The view there, with a long stretch of soft white sand melding into crystal clear aquamarine waters, is the stuff that postcards are made of. You can snap photos of wind-sculpted divi divi trees, rent equipment to ride the waves and perhaps catch a glimpse of nesting or hatching sea turtles early in the morning.


Palm Beach – Love to people-watch? Then you’ll love Palm Beach. It’s a fantastic place to swim, sail, fish, snorkel or just sunbathe. This is in the heart of the hotel district and has two piers and many watersports businesses, so it’s perfect if you want to mingle with people, check out lush tropical gardens in front of the hotels, have a drink at an open-air bar and see plenty of birds and iguanas. Palm Beach is consistently voted one of the best family-friendly beaches in the world by The Travel Channel.


Hadicurari Beach – Also known as Fishermen’s Huts, this is the premiere spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, and is the site every July for the Hi-Winds World Challenge. The shallow waters are also excellent for swimming and snorkeling, and it’s popular for families with small children. Fishermen also love it, and their beach shacks dot the coastline. Note: bring your flip flops, because the sand here isn’t as soft as at other beaches.


Baby Beach – Located at the southeastern tip of Aruba, the soft sand of Baby Beach is a favorite hangout for families with small children. The water is shallow, warm and calm, and the snorkeling is excellent. You can rent beach chairs, and there is a restroom available for use for a small fee. If you get hungry or thirsty, there are food and drink options.


Santo Largo Beach – You’ll have to bring your own gear because there are no facilities, but if you seek seclusion, the three little beaches that make up Santo Largo Beach are perfect for a family day trip getaway. Visitors can enjoy lush mangrove vegetation and swimming, snorkeling and picnicking. Be sure to bring a beach umbrella, because there’s little shade.


Aruba may be only 19 miles long, but it has many more pockets of beach paradise to explore. Happy beach-hopping!

Punta Brabo Beach is a wide white sand beach just steps outside the door at Aruba Beach Club.

Photo credit: Kelley


Palm Beach is perfect for people-watching.

Photo credit: Atilin


The windswept divi divi trees on Eagle Beach make for scenic photo ops.

Photo credit: Serge Melki